CE 516 Finite Element Analysis
            (Fall 2013 - 2020 at KAIST)

CE 596  Computational Plasticity 
            (Fall 2012 at KAIST)

CE 201  Mechanics of Materials 
            (Spring 2012 - 2020 at KAIST)

CE 804  Advanced Mechanics for Civil Infrastructure 
            (Fall 2008 and Fall 2010 at MSU)

CE 305  Structural Analysis and Design 
            (Fall 2009, Spring 2010, Spring 2011, and Fall 2011 at MSU)
Students were encouraged to participate in their project actively, and creativity was emphasized for the projects. First, students were asked to choose a structure for their term project, and to design using a finite element package. The designed structures were built in smaller scale, and were testing by applying external loading.
The design, structural calculation, and testing phases were recorded using a video camera, and the videos were edited to show all the procedures in approximately 5 minutes. In the presentation day, we played the videos uploaded to Youtube.com, and evaluated the creativity, integrity of the approach, and testing results. The evaluation was performed not only by the instructor but also by students to enhance the objectivity in evaluation.

Term project links (Fall 2009 at MSU)

Term project links (Spring 2010 at MSU)